2019 Oil & Gas Awards Pricing, Categories & Sponsors List

In the world of oil and gas industry, the 2019 oil and gas awards was proven to be of a great significance that intends to celebrate the excellence and innovation of the sector. The oil and gas awards are held annually which aims to recognize the outstanding achievements of the individuals and corporations and stakeholders in the oil and gas sector. The 2019 oil and gas awards pricing varied on several factors including price to attend 2019 oil and gas awards, what did finalists receive and what did the winners receive. In addition to it, numerous opportunities for the sponsorships packages available for the Industry Summit and Gala Dinner and many more.

2019 Oil & Gas Awards Pricing

The Oil & Gas Awards are free to enter and the corporations may enter as many categories as they want. In addition to it, the finalists are required to attend the respective Awards Gala Dinner in the region they have been selected. The awards are; Northeast Awards, Rocky Mountain Awards, Texas Awards, Gulf Coast Awards, etc. The pricing for the 2019 Oil and Gas awards are categorized as per of several factors, such as:

Corporate Entries:

  • Large Corporations having annual revenue above $1 billion – $1,000 per entry
  • Medium-sized companies having annual revenue between $100 million and $1 billion – $750 per entry
  • Small Companies having annual revenue below $100 million – $500 per entry

Individual Entries:

  • Senior Executive of the Year: $500 per entry
  • Rising Star Award: $300 per entry

Project Entries:

  • Major Project having a budget above $500 million – $1,000 per entry
  • Mid-size project having a budget between $100 million and $500 million – $750 per entry
  • Small project having a budget below $100 million – $500 per entry

Innovation and Technology Entries:

  • Technology Innovation (Large Scale) – $1,000 per entry
  • Technology Innovation (Small Scale) – $500 per entry

Environmental and Safety Awards:

  • Excellency in Environmental Stewardship: $750 per entry
  • Safely Performance Award: $750 per entry

Northeast 2020: Awards Gala Dinner- Pittsburg, PA- June 2020

Northeast 2018: Oil and Gas Awards Winners

Pricing to Attend the 2019 Oil & Gas Awards

Category Pricing
½ Table Gala – Five Tickets $3,500
Full Table Gala – Ten Tickets $4,500
½ VIP Table – Five Tickets $4,000
VIP Table – Ten Tickets $6,000

2019 Oil & Gas Awards Pricing, Categories & Sponsors List

What Did Attending Finalists Receive?

  • Information plaque at Finalists Showcase
  • Champagne reception and entertainment
  • 3 course dinner
  • Drinks served all night
  • Branding on marketing collateral at the awards dinner
  • Photography of the evening
  • Covered in post awards marketing via media partners
  • Inclusion in post awards Winners Yearbook

In addition to it, the winners also receive full page write up in Yearbook to include winners’ photo, full company bio and comments from judges, a spectacular trophy for their reception, further coverage from out media partners, year-round acknowledgement as best in class and an unforgettable team night out.

Apart from that, numerous sponsorship packages available for the Industry Summit and Gala Dinner that includes:

  • Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Packages
  • Present an award at the gala dinner
  • Award naming rights
  • Marketing material seat drop
  • Poster display
  • Gala water sponsor including etched glasses for every dinner guest
  • Champagne reception at gala dinner sponsor
  • Seatback cover sponsor
  • Hotel key sponsor
  • Bespoke branding opportunities
  • Competition sponsor
  • Delegate gift sponsor

What are the 2019 Oil and Gas Awards Categories?

The 2019 Oil & Gas Awards showcased a number of categories that intended to highlight the excellency and the outstanding achievements and contributions of the individuals and corporations in the sector. Some of those categories and their winners are as follows:

Awards Winners Award Category
Award for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility The Great Lakes Construction Co. Northeast 2019
Award for Excellence in Environment Stewardship Range Resources Northeast 2019
Award for Excellence in Health and Safety TekSolv Northeast 2019
Construction Company of the Year MEC Construction Northeast 2019
Consultancy of the Year Smith & Burgess: Process Safety Consultants Northeast 2019
E&P; Company of the Year Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation Northeast 2019
General Industry Service Award Well Master Northeast 2019
Industry Leader Charles P. Joyce, Chairman of the Board at Otis Eastern Service Northeast 2019
Manufacturer of the Year Environmental Tank & Container Northeast 2019
New Technology Development of the Year Locus Bio Energy Solutions Northeast 2019
Oilfield Service Company of the Year Allied Horizontal Wireline Services Northeast 2019
Trucking Company of the Year Anderson Excavating, LLC Northeast 2019
Water Management Company of the Year HydroEdge Solutions Northeast 2019
Midstream Company of the Year DTE Midstream Northeast 2019
Recruitment Agency of the Year Spencer Ogden Northeast 2019

2019 Oil and Gas Awards: Association Partners

  • Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry
  • Global Energy Institute U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • Washington Country Chamber of Commerce
  • YPE Pittsburgh

2019 Oil and Gas Awards: Sponsors

The sponsorship packages for the 2019 oil and gas awards were available in Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze categories and different corporations participated in that significant innovation. Such as Chemplex Solvay Group was the Platinum Sponsors, McCutcheon Enterprises, Inc. (MEL) was the Gold Sponsors, Hodgson Russ, Infinity Tool MFG., ETC. and Crestwood were the Silver Sponsors and Smith & Burgess Process Safety Consulting and DTE Energy were the Bronze Sponsors.

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