Northeast 2020: Awards Gala Dinner- Pittsburg, PA- June 2020- Date TBC

The 8th Annual Northeast Oil & Gas Awards offers a platform to the oil and gas industry where they can showcase their innovative approaches and methods to boost the growth of particular sector. The Northeast oil and gas awards were hosted in the city of Pittsburg in 2020 to recognize the efforts of core industries engaged in the field of fossil fuel production. The awards were conferred in 25 different categories for different type of services. The key awards were given in environmental stewardship, efficiency, innovation, corporate social responsibility and health and safety throughout the nation with.

As of beginning of June 2020, the oil and gas administration is taking nominations for the excellent services offered by the companies. Not only the innovative approaches and remarkable works of prominent companies but also the efforts and outstanding performance to achieve extraordinary outcomes of individuals persons will be given due recognition for the leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Northeast 2020 Oil & Gas Awards 

The awards will be conferred in more than 25 fields for performing excellent services in respective sectors. From the fields of excellence in Drilling to Excellency in trucking company will be covered under the awards categories.

Workforce Housing Provider of the Year

This award will be conferred in the field of workforce housing where inclusivity and equity is encouraged. The company or an individual persons engaged in inclusive practices will be honored from this.

Water Management Company of the Year 

Any company or an individual party encouraging the efforts to water conservation and effective use of water will be conferred with this award. It aims to promote sustainable business practices in the core sectors of energy.

Trucking Company of the Year

It is Conferring in the field of trucking to honor their efforts and innovative tactics for the success of the venture.

The Oil & Gas Financial Journal Transaction of the Year

in the field of oil and gas, who is encouraging transparency and sincerity in business and journaling transaction in fair and square way.

Northeast 2020: Awards Gala Dinner- Pittsburg, PA- June 2020- Date TBC

Risk Management Company of the Year

This award will be given to the individuals who make the companies risk ready and enables them to cope in difficult financial times. It will recognize the efforts that bring out the companies in times of financial crises with the help of their profound insights.

Recruitment Agency of the Year

Any company who is giving opportunity to the younger generations by recruiting them will be honored with this award and the companies will be asked to submit their nominations for final selection by a judging panel.

Oilfield Services Company of the Year

The companies that with innovative engineering services serving to the growth of the respective partners with sustainable practices will be honored with this award.

New Technology Development of the Year

As its name suggests, this award will be given to those who with technological advancements have driven the growth of the core field.

Midstream Company of the Year

Any midstream company which falls between upstream and downstream and deals in storage, processing and transportation of petroleum products will be honored in this field.

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Manufacturer of the Year

The company who has made efforts to encourage environment friendly manufacturing practices will be given recognition through this award.

Law Firm of the Year

Any company or an individual who is engaged ethical and lawful practices along with keeping in mind the growth of company. They must promote fair and square practices by the stakeholders.

Kerr Pumps & FlowValve Award for Excellence in Well Completion

Any project led by an individual or company has been completed with leaving a positive impact on the world and the individuals engaged in the work.

Industry Supplier of the year

With keeping a pace with the norms of the industry and providing the company accordingly will be honored with the Industry Supplier of the year awards.

Industry Leader

Anyone who with their progressive leadership has impacted the company in a positive way will be given a huge recognition from this award taking place in Pittsburg.

Future Industry Leader

Who is farsighted and innovative and indulges in the practices to visualize a longer period success for the company will be given this award.

Engineering Company of the Year

The company which with innovative means and technological advancements has achieved excellence in the field of engineering will be awarded this prize.

Construction Company of the Year

Who has engaged in futuristic development in the field of construction will be recognized with this award.

Geophysical Excellence Award of the year

The excellent work in geophysics such as gravitation, magnetic fields, electromagnetic fields, internal structure and composition and the dynamics of the Earth will be given a huge recognition with the conferment of this award.

Excellence in Health and Safety Award of the year

The ones who have promoted safe and sound tactics in the premises of the company and encouraged the safety of the employees will be given this award.

Excellence in Environmental Stewardship Award of the Year

One who by following environmental friendly practices and promoting sustainability over financial growth will be given opportunity to continue their work in this field as they will be honored with Northeast Oil & Gas awards.

Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award of the Year

One who is following CSR practices and leads the vision of the company aligned with CSR will be given the prestigious award in 2020.

Drilling Excellence Award of the Year

In the field of drilling and marines will be conferred this award and the companies engaged in the same will be given the recognition.

Northeast 2020 Date TBC

The Northeast Oil and Gas Awards 2020 will be hosted on the 20th of June and will be attended by professionals, dignitaries, business tycoon and social activists all across the world. The presence of the heavyweights will be marked as it will be covering the core sectors crucial for the development of the economy. The efforts of the nominated companies will be given an honor so that they can be encouraged for continuing the work.

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