E&P Company of the Year, West Coast 2014

Awarded to: Signal Hill Petroleum

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“Very impressive internal and external programs – community involvement and development and graduate education support for professionals. Made great strides in operating in an urban environment.”

“Signal Hill’s commitment to the communities in which the company operates is what sets it apart.  Through use of sustainability programs, innovative exploration and extraction techniques, environmental/emission controls and community enhancement programs, the company appears to be able to work very successfully in an urban environment where other companies may struggle.”

Signal Hill Petroleum – Corporate Overview

Signal Hill Petroleum is a privately owned California-based energy company that specializes in the exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas in urban areas. With a set of core values rooted in a transparent business philosophy, honest approach, and concern for the environment, the company strives to be an excellent neighbor and community partner.

During its three decades of operation, Signal Hill Petroleum has developed a unique expertise not only in urban oil and gas production operations, but also in urban drilling and seismic exploration.

Signal Hill Petroleum has lead the way in establishing operating techniques and technologies that have been the foundation for successfully co-existing with closely spaced residential and commercial neighbors. Their ability to successfully operate in such close proximity to homes and businesses is entirely unique and unprecedented within the industry.

By pioneering and utilizing new technologies while recruiting and retaining incredible talent in their human resources, Signal Hill Petroleum has taken on the challenges brought on by this urban environment.

Signal Hill Petroleum is also committed to investing in the communities where their business resides, and are proud to partner with local programs that directly benefit local residents and businesses.

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