How ADNOC to Manage 300 Oil and Gas Wells With the Help of AI?

The ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) has deployed AI tools to its offshore NASR oil and gas field to maximize the efficiency and minimizing and minimizing emissions. The company is about to deploy around artificial intelligence driven Robo Wells in this year. Artificial Intelligence will regulate not only offshore fields but also onshore fields as well. After the successful deployment of the artificial intelligence advanced technologies, the oil and gas Wells will be autonomously operated by using AI algorithms.

According to the ADNOC’s press statements, this advanced technology was first deployed in 2023 in its oil and gas wells in order to maximizing efficiency and minimizing emissions. The first it was deployed at the onshore North East Bab field which is ADNOC’s first smart field. Advanced AI algorithms are crucial to optimize drilling, extraction and transportation in the industry. Otherwise the processing in fossil fuel industry is quite costlier which eventually reduce energy consumption.

How AI is Shaping Oil & Gas Industry Future?

The AI algorithms help in real time monitoring of the processing of the Wells. It monitors distillation, catalytic cracking and hydrogenation. This allows the companies onshore production of the petroleum products. It also reduces the workforce cost and lessens the burden of the staff. The advanced technological tools will help in keeping a track of the progress in processing which is quite tiresome sometimes.

ADNOC Upstream executive director have said that “the offshore deployment of Robowell at the NASR field demonstrates how ADNOC is harnessing the power of AI as we responsibly meet growing global energy demands”. The oil and gas company has reportedly witnessed greater profits and lesser production cost due to deployment of the AI tools in offshore field.

The regional company AIQ which deals in technology has collaborated with the ADNOC to set the AI systems for increased efficiency. The companies CEO says that “Robowell has been proved to deliver up to 30% optimization in gas lifting consumption and up to 5% increase in operating efficiency. The expanded system of AI solutions has represented a pivotal step for both the AIQ and ADNOC as per the CEO of former’s comments.

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How AI Systems Helping NASR Offshore Field?

The NASR oil field is located at approximately 130km away from the city of Abu Dhabi in UAE. It is 7th largest oil and gas producing country in the world. The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company has set up the project in 2015 and since then it is producing oil and gas. Recently the AIQ has set AI systems to provide real time monitoring of the Well. The company aims to double up its production and reaches to wider audience in times when the global market is running after the electrification of automobile industry.

How ADNOC to Manage 300 Oil and Gas Wells With the Help of AI?

The ADNOC has deployed could based AI algorithms to autonomously operate the wells that self adjust according to changing conditions. It is said to be world’s first AI operated oil and gas Wells. The company aims to integrate AI from board room to field in order to maximize efficiency and minimize emissions. It aims to become world’s most AI enabled energy company.

The AI regulated Robowells are initially deployed at the 10 wells at the offshore of NASR with an aim to further deployment of AI solutions scheduling to spread over 300 wells by the end of this. It is enable the ADNOC to harness greater value from its resources and further optimize its operations.

Optimized Outcome through Regulated System Deployment

Storage Facilities

AI models will sum up the data systematically saving hours of manual review.  They will be assistive in summarizing the efficiency of operations especially in the outdoor settings.

Safer and Faster Logistical Movement

It will operate the logistical units about the weather, route hazards, port congestions, vessel conditions and other operation factors at a production unit saving rigorous efforts in after production processing.

Refinery Process

Refinery process will be easier as it will monitor distillation, hydrogenation and catalytic cracking with sensor based technology along with identifying safety hazards and consumption costs.

Meeting Quality Standard

The AI helps in deciding quality standards whether they are meeting ISO, API or ASTM safety and quality protocols. The diesel, lubricants, jet fuel, natural gas and liquefied petroleum will be checked for measuring the quality standards.

Asset Management

The AI tools are predictive and help in forecasting the maintenance cost. It allows the operations units to keep a track of failure in pipelines, pump stations or processing plant. It offers creating efficient maintenance schedules by utilizing data.

Apart from all these, the AI systems are going leverage the company in procurement, on shore and off shore inventory management and route planning and contingency planning for the oil and gas industry. It will enable the sector to go greener and leverage the use of technology in achieving that aim.

It can therefore be concluded that the company is adopting futuristic approach by accepting the AI systems in one of its fields. Soon more Robowells will be deployed so that the efficiency can be maximized and the emissions can be minimized to meet the today’s climate change demands.

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