Geophysical Company of the Year, West Coast 2013

Awarded to: NodalSeismic, LLC

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“Through their work in Long Beach, they were not only able to accomplish a practical task related to oil and gas exploration but also provide a unique data set recognized by academia as uniquely advancing the science of seismology – all done whilst achieving a high level of environmental stewardship in the local community. Wow!”

“The company is on the leading edge of acquisition in low quality data areas and areas with complex subsurface geology. The fact that they were able to shoot a 3D survey in the Signal Hill area of Los Angeles and obtain high quality data is a tribute to their ability to deliver on their promises.”

NodalSeismic, LLC – Corporate Overview

NodalSeismic, LLC is a geophysical firm driven to solve complex, multi-faceted seismic data challenges in newer, better ways. Utilizing cable-free recording equipment, the company is at the forefront of melding oil and gas exploration with earthquake seismology techniques to produce higher resolution data.

As a pioneer in the industry, NodalSeismic developed the solution to seismic data acquisition in dense, urban environments with the Long Beach, CA 3D survey. The acquisition for the project was completed in 2012, and industry milestones continue to be made through the use of the project’s passive dataset with the active-source dataset.

NodalSeismic currently acquires 2D, 3D, 4D and passive data throughout the lower 48 states. The company is known for adapting its operations to any onshore, non-transition environment and producing novel survey design concepts with a more flexible, low-impact and efficient operations approach.

Where NodalSeismic Excels:

• Robust HSE
o Impeccable safety record
o Safest recording system in the industry to operate

• Data Quality
o Effective & efficient equipment implementation
o High data recovery: 99.7%+ average

• Cost Competitive
o Higher production with less manpower required

• Operations Approach
o Low-impact, safe, fast and efficient

• Problem Solving
o Geophysical and operational – the most thorough and efficient solutions