Water Management Company of the Year, Texas 2016

Awarded to: APATEQ

Judges Comments

“Relatively new to the region, their OilPaq system allows their operators to benefit from disposal fees and being able to sell the treated water. On top of the commercial bene ts their system there is a major upside to the environmental bene ts offered.”

“Good to see a significant investment with their first industrial-sized plant being commissioned in Spring 2016.”

APATEQ – Corporate Overview

Clean-Tech innovator APATEQ provides green and cost-efficient one-stop solutions for selected markets in the water and wastewater industry by means of unique, membrane-based systems with an extremely long lifetime of reliable operation.

In the oil and gas industry, we treat and recycle produced water and frac flowback, and we have developed a game changing equipment to address these difficult stream wastewaters. The equipment is called “OilPaq” and is based on UF membrane filtration. Its effluent is extremely clean (TSS and free & emulsified oil typically < 1 - 2 ppm, no bacteria) and the operation costs are very attractive with $ 0.25 / bbl for a 2,000 bpd plant and as low as $ 0.075 / bbl for a 50,000 bpd unit. The company has been founded in 2013 in Luxembourg and set up its first subsidiary in the US in the North of Houston, Texas in 2015. APATEQ is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.