Engineering Company of the Year , Texas 2016

Awarded to: Landpoint, LLC

Judges Comments

“Great cost savings associated with their new drone technology, 35% on the bottom line of a project is impressive by any standards! Organizations have needed to be ahead of the curve with new technology and this is a great example.”

“They support a lot of industry associations as well donating to over 30 local charities, this is as important to me as any of their other achievements noted in their entry.”

Landpoint, LLC – Corporate Overview

Landpoint consists of more than 225 professionals, 85% of which are dedicated to oil & gas infrastructure projects. The company operates more than 65 survey crews in 11 different offices across the nation, with a strong focus on oil and gas related activities.

During the last 12 months, Landpoint surveyed more than 1,000 miles of pipeline and established locations for over 400 new well locations. The majority of the work completed by the company was in the Texas region.

Landpoint is also one of the nation’s largest private UAV (Drone) operators, providing turn-key aerial collection services at a fraction of the cost and at significantly higher levels of accuracy than traditional collection methods.

Our firm utilizes highly accurate UAV technology on new infrastructure developments to gather extremely large datasets at the beginning of a project which include imagery, digital elevation models, point clouds, and environmental sensory information. This information is shared and used throughout every phase of the project, propagating savings into every subsequent stage and increasing visibility for all parties involved.