New Technology Development of the Year - Products, Southwest 2015

Awarded to: Drillform Technical Services LTD.

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“The iron roughneck and the hydraulic pipe handler for service rigs that Drillform introduced are exceptional safety improvements that of themselves qualified Drillform for inclusion.”

“Impressive and comprehensive detail including a range of products and emerging technologies. Drillform seem to have the expertise and experience to aggressively tackle industry challenges with cost effective and reliable solutions that improve overall safe operations.”

Drillform Technical Services LTD. – Corporate Overview

Drillform designs and manufactures automated drilling equipment to improve safety, productivity and reliability. The products are a collaborative effort between journeymen field service technicians and engineers with extensive onshore/offshore experience. Drillform provides products for both drilling and workover rigs.

One of the flagship products for drilling rigs is the Bulldog 90 automated floor wrench, often referred to as an iron roughneck. The Bulldog 90 offers several unique advantages:

  • 360 degree clamping reduces slippage, tool joint wear and pipe distortion
  • Automation removes personnel from the rotating zone for improved safety
  • Delivers accurate and consistent torque with data available on every connection
  • Machined, modular components are designed for easy maintenance and service
  • Compact and rugged design for durability and is well suited for small rig floors
  • Spinner travel of up to 12” easily accommodates a wide range of drill pipe connections

For the workover rig market, Drillform recently launched the ST820 Hydraulic Pipehandler, available in both skid and towable models, to improve the speed and safety of tubular handling. With flexibility to accommodate 6’ to 20’ rig floor heights, it brings greater productivity in pipe handling to workover rigs, while reducing the risk of safety incidents.