Manufacturer of the Year, Southwest 2015

Awarded to: Sand X

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“A quality solution to a very real environmental challenge faced for completion firms. The cost savings are significant and the product tackles a number of environmental issues on site.”

“This is a classic case of a company manufacturing a product that the industry needs and succeeding in delivering some incredible results. With the sand reducing the ecological impact of disposal and reducing costs, Sand X and the Super Loop system are manufacturing leaders in this field.”

Sand X – Corporate Overview

One of the most challenging aspects of the oil and gas industry is to remain environmentally friendly while maintaining safety and profit margins. Water costs are at all- time highs, sand disposal is costly and time-consuming, and some companies halt drilling because they have no solution for exceeding emission quota limits.

Sand X is a stand-alone application that uses eco-friendly technology to clean the sand; rendering it non-hazardous and safe for any reuse application. This proprietary process separates oil as it cleans and recycles flow-back water to be stored and reused, reducing water costs and safety risks in the drill out and flow back. Super Loop closes the loop on hazardous gas, reducing 99.8% of emissions by sending it to a flare or containment system, eliminating on-site disasters due to deadly and explosive hazardous gases, keeping the work place safe and in compliance. Companies using radioactive tracers a utilize the Sand X and SuperLoop combo to the retrieve radioactive materials and contain them separately for safe disposal and in some cases, reuse. Sand X and Super loop, result in a lower costs and a much safer workplace for crew members, while saving money and helping companies remaining in compliance.