Manufacturer of the Year, Southwest 2014

Awarded to: Astro Thermal Tec Inc.

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“Very innovative approach and product.  Being non-pressurized greatly increases safety while still providing high volume and high efficiency heating.  Ease of movement without concerns for road weight limits is a big advantage.”

“Astro Tech is a model of entrepreneurial drive and innovation. Its commitment to intelligent, customer-focused design, continuous R&D, safety, environmental protection and product support allows the company to offer water heating products and services that are highly cost-effective and environmentally benign.”

Astro Thermal Tec Inc. – Corporate Overview

Astro Thermal Tec Ltd. is the manufacturer of a large volume high efficiency (95%+) industrial water heater.  Efficient, safe, versatile, reliable and environmentally friendly are the best descriptors of our product.  Continuous research and development along with quality service and support are the hallmarks of our company culture.   All design improvements can be incorporated into previous models, a commitment that ensured that early customers can take advantage of any new design features.

In terms of manufacturing, Astro Thermal Tec heaters are totally North American.  The basic skid mounted stainless steel vessel is constructed in Washington and shipped to Canada for assembly and testing.  The burner, manufactured in Kansas, is installed at the head of the barrel.  Necessary piping and pumps are added and a compressor is attached for atomizing diesel.  A gas train is installed to allow natural gas or propane to be used as an alternate fuel choice.  The control system, manufactured in Oregon, is integrated into the package and a diesel generator is attached to provide power to the mobile unit.  The heater is then fully tested to allow technical staff to tune the machine and for sales personnel to bring customers in to see the machine operate.

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