Construction Company of the Year, Southwest 2013

Awarded to: Hammer Construction

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“Quality assurance program presented in alignment to the Company’s ways of doing construction business.”

“Consistently being an early mover with a good history of success as a construction company meeting project deadlines and budgets.”

Hammer Construction – Corporate Overview

Hammer is recognized as a top quality, competitive provider of oil and gas services in the Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas regions. Hammer Construction, Inc is a fifty-year-old company celebrating twenty five years as a second-generation, Woman Owned Business Enterprise. The industry has changed in 50 years and Hammer has not only evolved with the changes, but has thrived. Hammer attributes their success to their quality personnel, committed safety program, and diverse services.

Hammer Construction, Inc was originally founded in the 1950s by Jack Hammer; Shirley Hammer followed in her father’s footsteps and took over the company in the 1980s. Historically, the company has provided heavy equipment to construct road, pits, pad sites for drilling rigs, roustabout labor for installation and maintenance of production equipment. Hammer has added compression facility services and a commercial site prep division, as well as, specialty support niches such as the air curtain burner which most efficiently converts wood debris ‘back to Mother Nature’; and the field rock crusher which grinds and mixes nuisance rock debris on right of way areas to cultivatable terrain. To support the industry and to help preserve a clean environment for future generations, Hammer joined many majors by establishing an on-going program to convert its fleet to operate on Compressed Natural Gas. Hammer has prevailed throughout the fluctuating cycles of the oil and gas industry. Beginning in critical times for the company and the industry, the company, driven by determination, has flourished from seven employees in 1988 to 200, and from one field operation to six. Hammer’s mission is to cultivate lasting relationships with valued customers by providing outstanding service, safe operations, and superior quality and integrity. The company team is motivated by opportunities to work—to render service to the industry that Hammer is passionate about; that endeavor brings opportunities of livelihood for our partners in this journey—the Hammer Construction employees.