New Technology Development of the Year - Software Application, Rocky Mountain 2013

Awarded to: Enersight

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“For the past four years Enersight has been focusing on development planning for resource plays in the United States. The company provides software that makes a process that used to be extremely cumbersome easier to manage.”

“Enersight’s integrated oil and gas development planning software will be a help to companies planning multi-year exploration, appraisal, and development projects as well as assist in capital allocation and planning. Being able to integrate the process from drill-bit to senior management decision-making is very innovative and will add value to a company’s decision and risk analysis and project execution planning.”

Enersight – Corporate Overview

One of our core differentiators is the ability to consider production flow networks (from wells to sales points), activity scheduling (from rigs to facility constructions), and rigorous economics, portfolio analysis, risk, and scenario analysis in a single web based system, where all of the interdependent parts are used in harmony with each other by multidisciplinary teams across the organization. Thus, supporting an overall Enterprise Planning system used for:

Exploration to Development Planning Analysis
Operation Execution Scheduling
Latest Estimate Review Process
Company-wide Rollups and Consolidations
Budget Generations
Acquisition Analysis
Monte Carlo Analysis

Enersight lets you strengthen your field development program with greater forecasting accuracy, integrated reporting, more informed decision making, and What if? scenarios. Enersight’s integrated nature means everyone involved in the field development uses a common development model. This dramatically strengthens data integrity, as the operational and tactical teams work off of a common and collaborative platform, and submit their reports to Corporate through the same system.

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