New Technology Development of the Year, Northeast 2019

Awarded to: Locus Bio-Energy Solutions

Corporate Bio

Locus Bio-Energy is an Ohio-based innovation company that developed an industry- first line of biochemical solutions that increase profits. The treatments use naturally occurring, non-bacterial and non-GMO microbial-based products that are cost- competitive, HSE-friendly and safer alternatives to current toxic chemicals and thermal treatments—with even better results. Using unique and patented production technology, our world-class team of R&D scientists successfully solved the problems plaguing other biological product- based treatments. The technology was originally commercialized specifically for the Appalachian basin, but highly impressive results have led to rapid expansion into the Permian and Powder River basins.

Judges Quotes

“Locus Bio-Energy have achieved some impressive results, with their solution addressing Enhanced Oil Recovery, Paraffin dispersal, Asphaltene dispersal and cleaning of rods, tubing, pumps, flowlines and solidified storage tank bottoms through their two products, AssurEOR FLOWTM and AssurEOR STIMTM.”

“The Locus Bio-Energy solutions stood out for me as they minimize safety concerns whilst maximizing well performance and offer many of the benefits that could previously only be achieved by combining multiple, different solutions. Locus demonstrate that they have achieved production increases between 50- 500%, with lower than average well failures, with all these statements backed up by solid testimonials and case studies.”