Construction Company of the Year, Northeast 2019

Awarded to: MEC Construction

Corporate Bio

Since 1981 MEC has pioneered the construction of gas transmission facilities. Pushing the boundaries of current technology and hands-on, in the field experience, while maintaining are unwavering commitment to safety, are the keys to our success. MEC Construction is well qualified to build Mainline Natural Gas Compressor and Transmission Stations with exceptional expertise. The depth of our contracting knowledge is applied to finding new and better ways to get the job done which adds up to a level of performance that only MEC Construction can offer. We’ve earned a reputation for excellence in industrial construction. Our company’s track record includes natural gas facility project execution along with maintenance solutions for the oil, gas, power, and ethanol industries.


Judges Quotes

“MEC Constructions’ submission shows a clear ability to serve the entire Oil & Gas sector, from hot taps through to 42” transmission line turbine compressors, to 20- unit gathering and production facilities. The list of recent contracts completed in 2018 is comprehensive and impressive. All of this, coupled with a great drive and commitment to HSE! Very comprehensive response to the criteria.”

“Not only did MEC demonstrate that its clients were happy through great testimonials, but they matched this with employee testimonials that describe a great team. This is a really positive reflection of what a great company MEC are. Great testimonial from the regions’ main E&P on their dedication to completing work in challenging conditions.”