Consultancy of the Year, Northeast 2017

Awarded to: AllStar Ecology, LLC

Judges Comments

“They have strong experience with over 1,250 projects under their belts, assessing over 45,000 acres in OH, WV and PA.”

“Great to see they are a real family valued company, with 60% of its staff harvested from West Virginia University. Great inherent CSR policy as well giving staff 24hrs paid work annually to devote to volunteer work of their choice.”

Corporate Overview

AllStar Ecology, LLC (ASE) is a specialty consulting firm focused on guiding our clients through the changing regulatory climate in regards to Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, and the National Historic Preservation Act. We do ecological and environment consulting / contracting, including bat surveys and conservation plans / set-asides, mussel and plant RTE surveys, wetland / stream delineations and permitting (404/401) including mitigation banking and restoration contracting.

Specific highlights for ASE over the past year include manufacturing, installing, and monitoring over 300 artificial roosting structures for endangered bat species permitting. These structures had a 42% occupancy rate and included eight (8) northern long eared bat maternity colonies. This success is critical as it demonstrates meaningful conservation measures that can be replicated consistently to provide companies with a known solution to tree clearing hurdles. Moreover, ASE ecologist were responsible for a number of other freshwater mussel, and rare and endangered plant species surveys to support oil and gas infrastructure development.

We have surveyed over 50,000 acres of land, permitted over 1,200 infrastructure projects in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We work directly with industry, as well as provide specialty as-needed support to engineering firms within the industry.