Water Management Company of the Year, Northeast 2016

Awarded to: Rain for Rent

Judges Comments

“Very well documented and specific responses to criteria for the award, including spill prevention and response/ environmental impact mitigation, diverse set of services offered, flexibility to meet customer needs.”

“Highly experienced in temporary water handling. Well-developed SOP’s that targets to met customer’s needs.”

Corporate Overview

Rain for Rent is the leading provider of liquid handling solutions. From pumps, tanks, and filtration to pipe and hoses, we provide everything you need to keep your project on track. When you have a problem, we don’t send salespeople; we send problem solvers. We’re the people you call for the big jobs because no one else can do them and for the small jobs because we get them done right the first time. We’ve designed every kind of liquid management solution and cleaned up natural disasters from the Midwest to New Orleans. We take the worry off your shoulders so you can focus on your business and not on your liquid management problems.

We are known for our systems engineering expertise and ability to tackle complex jobs cost effectively, providing an exceptionally high value. Family owned and operated since 1934, we serve all 50 states and Canada from more than 60 locations.