New Technology Development of the Year - Product, Northeast 2016

Awarded to: Pixel Velocity®

Judges Comments

“I can see that the introduction of technology such as this can really benefit the industry. To automate the survey process and to increase visibility in real time as events occur is invaluable.”

“The implementations of this suite of Pixel Velocity’s products have real benefits to the safety of staff on site and infrastructure. Without requiring human presence at site or monitoring from
a far offers real value and assistance.”

Corporate Overview

Pixel Velocity® builds imagery and data analytic tools that protect our customers from intentional, accidental and natural threats. Pixel Velocity’s products enable rapid and informed decision making. From leak and activity detection to event management and response, we provide configurable software solutions and sensor systems for demanding operational environments. Pixel Velocity empowers enterprises to leverage imagery and data to manage risk.

Our Leak Detection System, Activity Monitoring and Event Management Platform provide the following benefits:

• Capturing real-time activity through our event management platform with integrated industrial control systems (i.e., SCADA) data.
• Help energy operators ensure reliability and continuity across asset fleets without increasing staff requirements or responsibilities.
• Detect leaks immediately with clarity on disruption prevention and corrective actions, ensuring continuity and eliminating unknown health and safety risks for detection response personnel.
• Correlating detection events into patterns to help operators and response teams prevent future disruptions in operations, safety, and security.
• Enhancing safety at local, regional, and enterprise levels and creating public relations advantages of fewer public, regulator, and safety concerns.
• Coordinating multiple departments—operations, safety, environmental, and security—in real time to reduce incident response cycles.
• Creating safer operating conditions across infrastructure.