Water Management Company of the Year, Northeast 2015

Awarded to: Keystone Clearwater Solutions

Judges Comments

“Keystone Clearwater Solutions demonstrate innovative leadership in safe and reliable water management. They lead the way in the use of fused HDPE pipelines to move water and have developed company-wide standard operating procedures that promote safe, environmentally protective operations. Their introduction of above ground storage tank systems minimise operating expenses and surface impacts.”

“Keystone Clearwater works with their clients to deliver environmentally sound solutions based on years of experience within the industry. It is clear, from the wide variety of initiatives and procedures that they have detailed, their solutions are born from a deep understanding of their operating partners specific requirements.”

Keystone Clearwater Solutions – Corporate Overview

2014 was a record breaking year for Keystone Clearwater Solutions “Keystone”. Led by CEO, Ned Wehler, the operations and management teams at Keystone engage with Appalachian Basin Operators in environmentally safe water management solutions. This engagement has led to a three year growth pattern of an 800% increase in revenues as the corporation continues to thrive.

Keystone has emerged as an up and coming industry leader with the following professional standards and practices:

• Conservative, long term, results minded approach to water transportation solutions.

• Environmentally Sound Business Practices for water management with company-wide Standard Operating Procedures and Behavior Based Safety Initiatives.

• Engaged product selection utilizing engineered solutions for water storage.

• Community education and support of programs.

Keystone Clearwater grew out of a background in civil and environmental engineering in the heart of Pennsylvania. As local members of the region, the team at Keystone cares deeply about the impact of gas industry solutions and consistently seeks to provide services with safe operations and minimal environmental effect.