New Technology Development of the Year - Software Application, Northeast 2015

Awarded to: Shalewater Solutions

Judges Comments

“A smart solution for a critical element of the industry – water. Really highlights the innovation and technology developments that drive this industry forward.”

“Really exciting use of technology to enhance already comprehensive water management services. Excellent media coverage to support the entry.”

Shalewater Solutions – Corporate Overview

Shalewater Solutions is an innovative and respected water management company who can help your company implement a customized water management strategy to support even the most aggressive hydraulic fracturing program.

Shalewater Solutions specializes in the following services:

• Delivering integrated water treatment, storage, transfer, and hauling services to support drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and production operations.
• Providing consulting services for all aspects of water management related to oil & gas operations. This includes managing all residual fluids and wastes, coordinating fluid logistics management, as well as optimizing a freshwater acquisition strategy.
• Designing, permitting, constructing, and managing mobile water treatment facilities to service multiple well pads and operating areas in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner.
• Identifying, designing, and implementing the appropriate treatment process for a flowback and produced water reuse program.
• Providing ShaleAppsTM, a real-time water tracking & accounting software suite. This novel approach based on mobile technology helps automate the tracking of trucks and water types, enabling more cost-effective decisions regarding fluid movement and leading to lower trucking costs as well as more accurate billing, accounting, and regulatory reporting.