Water Management Company of the Year, Northeast 2012

Awarded to: Tetra Technologies, Inc

TETRA Technologies, Inc. is a geographically diversified oil and gas services company that provides niche products and services focused on well completion and on late-life production enhancement and decommissioning. In addition,
it is the world’s largest, vertically integrated producer, marketer, and distributor of calcium chloride, which it supplies as feedstocks—along with its brominated products—for its completion fluids business as well as for applications in a variety of other markets.

TETRA holds premier market positions in several niche oil and gas service market categories, including: completion fluids, well abandonment and decommissioning, production testing, and compression based production enhancement. TETRA is dedicated to serving its strong and diverse customer base, which includes most of the major multinational exploration and production companies, many of the large and midsized independents and a number of smaller producers.

TETRA prides itself on having a proactive, rigorous and responsible health, safety and environmental (HSE) program. We are firmly committed to ensuring a safe, productive and incident free working environment for our employees worldwide. We believe in investing in our personnel through extensive training and education programs, following protective safety equipment requirements, and well established HSE practices.

Safety and environmental audits are regularly performed company wide to track performance and ensure continuous improvement. TETRA aggressively pursues operational and environmental enhancements, while cultivating a corporate wide HSE mindset that encourages constant attention to safety and focuses on education, prevention, and continuous improvement.

Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, TETRA is a global company with employees and operations on six continents.