Drilling & Well Services Company of the Year, Northeast 2012

Awarded to: McCutcheon Enterprises, Inc

At McCutcheon Enterprises, Inc. (MEI), our people make the difference. Our employees’ performance and dedication to exceeding customer expectations is what has landed us here today. MEI president Calvin McCutcheon’s business philosophy is simple: “If you have the right people, that yields top-quality performance, which spawns forward progress in a rapidly changing world. People, performance, progress, it’s the MEI way. This award is for all of our employees, who make us an industry leader, day in and day out.

As the Oil & Gas opportunities grew over the last five years, MEI invested in the people and resources necessary to better serve the burgeoning oil & gas industry. In 2012, MEI saw an approximate 12% increase in its transportation revenue while simultaneously growing its fleet of vehicles and specialized equipment by 25%. When it comes to drilling & well services, we’re there all day every day, with solutions that not only look out for our clients’ best interest, but also protect the environment. Case in point, when we provided a client, who was drilling on wetlands, with rolloff containers for under their shakers. The containers were too large, and the client wanted to dig into the wetlands to make them fit. MEI stopped this and provided an innovative solution consisting of MEI customized containers. With these combined efforts, we protected the environment & provided a cost-effective, complete waste management solution. MEI is unique among water management companies in that we have our own cutting-edge municipal and residual waste processing facility and can properly treat waters, drill cuttings, drilling muds, holding tank waste, shower wash waste, etc. at our own plant or provide mobile treatment solutions. MEI’s water management program is one of the greenest out there as all waters are able to be reused by the oil & gas industry.