Industry Supplier of the Year, Midcontinent 2014

Awarded to: Well Checked Systems International

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“The particular point that distinguishes Well Checked Systems’ contribution to General Industry Service is the scalability of its service. Equally applicable to both larger scale field operations and small field maintenance, its cost-effective availability to even stripper well operations offers low budget operators access to monitoring previously only affordable to larger operators. Thus, it provides monitoring capabilities to those that can ill afford more expensive SCADA telemetry.”

“Innovative concept using today’s technology for oilfield use. It’s taking “pump by exception” to the next level. Good examples of how the company’s service saved their clients’ money.”

Well Checked Systems International – Corporate Overview

Well Checked is a Tulsa-based company that specializes in remote well site video monitoring, reporting, alerting and data storage and retrieval. Well Checked systems assist pumpers, owners, and operators in monitoring their locations remotely for activity.

Well Checked systems not only monitor for unexpected activity but are also able to routinely patrol and record all activity for user-defined periods and record these videos in the cloud for playback and review at any time. These systems greatly reduce risk from unauthorized entry and activity as well as assist in the diagnosis of any equipment failures or breakdowns before they occur.

Customers are only alerted to what each customer defines as important activity to them and entirely customizable on a per client and per site basis. Alerts are also customizable by each customer user.

Well Checks™ – periodic and automatic (every 15 mins, every 30 mins, every hour, etc as determined by Customer) “guard tours” of the site. The system will Pan, Tilt and Zoom in on all areas of interest on a per site basis for the client and record these tours in the video historian stored offsite. These videos are the available for access and playback as needed by the client in case of need for prosecution, insurance claims, personnel issues, third party vendor issues, environmental concerns, etc.

We provide a complete solution: The camera and all sensors, the recording platform, the alerting platform, live video access and control capability, the high speed cloud connectivity, the offsite storage with secured access by user invitation only, playable on all devices via all major browser, no additional software required by clients to be installed, no SCADA required yet integrates with existing SCADA as requested, maintained by Well Checked and not customer.

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