Manufacturer of the Year, Midcontinent 2013

Awarded to: Emerson Process Managements' Remote Automation Solutions

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“Down time is lost money, so any SCADA system that improves reliability and efficiency is worth it’s weight in gold.”

“Emerson’s products give their customers the ability to measure and control liquid and gas systems in remote installations. Multiple wells spread over a wide area can be connected cost effectively through wireless technology.”

Emerson Process Managements’ Remote Automation Solutions – Corporate Overview

Emerson’s Remote Automation Solutions is a leading global supplier in Oil & Gas Fiscal Measurement and SCADA System solutions targeting Oil & Gas Production, Transmission and Distribution segments.

We offer technological innovation, industry knowledge, manufacturing expertise, field-proven expertise, and comprehensive global service and support to help our customers in the Oil & Gas industry to improve operations and reduce costs.

From operate and measure, to control and manage our product scope features flow computers, remote terminal units (RTUs), presets, SCADA software and SCADA integration services to make us your single source in helping you solve your most complex challenges.

Our OpenEnterprise™ software is Emerson’s leading edge SCADA solution and is the World’s first integrated wireless SCADA architecture. By integrating our WirelessHart® Network to our newly released Distributed RTU™ Network, operators experience significant savings on lifecycle cost to make their remote Oil & Gas operations easier, safer, and more secure.

The WirelessHart® IEC62591 RTU Interface streamlines installation and makes wellhead operations more reliable and efficient while our Distributed RTU™ Network is a distributed control solution that allows seamless wireless integration to multiple field controllers. Users leverage this distributed control architecture to improve performance on new & existing wellpads.