Health & Safety Initiative of the Year, Midcontinent 2013

Awarded to: Honeywell

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“Honeywell technologies can help keep an emergency from becoming a tragedy.”

“The SafetyNEX system connects portable gas detectors to a main system through wireless technology and has the ability to communicate quickly between operator and emergency response teams. This is a system that could truly safe lives.”

Honeywell – Corporate Overview

In today’s world, traditional portable gas detectors play an important role in supporting the safety of operators and contractors, but technology has evolved to allow for wireless connectivity between operators and remote supervisors Wireless technology now allows for the fusion of gas data with location data to provide an unprecedented level of safety to operators and contractors. While portable gas monitors provide effective local annunciation, alerting users to dangerous gas levels, the alarm readings often are not communicated to key stakeholders such as safety managers, Industrial Hygienists and others who need comprehensive, near real-time information in order to effectively respond to emergency situations. Delays can be costly in productivity and property, and to human lives.

The SafetyNeX System™ from Honeywell Analytics elevates the safety program for end-users. The SafetyNeX System™ utilizes wireless communication technology to communicate quickly between operators and emergency response teams, alerting them of gas alarms, compliance issues, or safety incidents (panic and man-down). The SafetyNeX System™ utilizes a sophisticated but easy to use software application named LocaXion Manager™ to display the gas detector readings along with the area the operator is located in. This graphical user interface gives managers full visibility on the gas status and safety status of their personnel in their plant.

With the SafetyNeX System™, plant leadership and other key stakeholders can now determine, at a glance, the safety status for all wireless portable gas detectors.