Water Management Company of the Year, Gulf Coast 2015

Awarded to: MYCELX Technologies Corporation

Judges Comments

“Their products come at a critical time for the oil industry. Spills, no matter how minor, are heavily scrutinized and an efficient cleanup process is critical.”

“Solid scalable solution that is designed for ease of installation and to meet the exacting requirements of regulatory bodies. The data supports the fact that scientific processes supersede methods of filtration.”

MYCELX Technologies Corporation – Corporate Overview

MYCELX Technologies Corporation is a global oil-free water technology company solving the world’s toughest oily water problems in the industry. Internally developed proprietary water characterization techniques help our engineers design the smallest footprint and most cost-effective solution, or deploy the appropriate mobile treatment emergency response unit.

MYCELX is an ecologically friendly water treatment – protecting the environment and operations by keeping oil where it should be,inside the production environment. MYCELX systems are fail-safe and provide the ability to reuse water while removing oil down to 1 ppm, even when upstream components are failing. While conventional filtration systems use mechanical means or gravity, MYCELX goes beyond ordinary filtration with a completely different approach.

The patentedMYCELX polymer utilizes molecular cohesion; achieving separation by permanently binding with hydrocarbons, offering complete removal of free and emulsified oils and associated hydrocarbons. Thiseffectoccurs without developing back pressure or blocking the flow, enabling a complete MYCELX system to remove oil and hydrocarbons down to critically low levels of oil in a very small footprint. Our systems are easily scalable for performance and capacity with high flow rates up to 120,000 barrels per day, regardless of oil droplet size or loading rates.