Manufacturer of the Year, Gulf Coast 2012

Awarded to: Enviro Voraxial® Technology, Inc.

Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc. (Stock Symbol: EVTN) is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, based CleanTech company that developed and manufactures the Voraxial® Separator, a unique, patented, in-line, turbo-separator that provides a cost effective method to efficiently separate large volumes of solids and liquids with different specific gravities and without the need of a pressure drop; making it, arguably, the world’s most efficient, high volume, bulk fluid and fluid/solid separation technology.

The Voraxial® provides highly efficient bulk separation while requiring less space, energy and weight than conventional separators processing the same volume.  It is capable of simultaneously separating up to three components, such as oil, water and sand, at volumes ranging from five (5) gallons per minute to five thousand (5000) gallons per minute and can efficiently handle fluctuations in flow rate and oil concentrations without any adjustments or pressure drop, allowing for ease of installation and operation.  It can be used as a stand-alone separator or incorporated with other equipment to provide a complete turnkey solution that allows customers to treat a variety of fluid streams while reducing treatment cost and increasing separation efficiency.  This superior separation is achieved in real-time, and in much greater volumes, with a more compact and energy efficient machine than any product on the market today.

EVTN owns significant intellectual property surrounding the Voraxial® and has new innovations under development.  Below is a brief list of the multiple industry uses for the Voraxial®; we encourage you to also visit our website,, for additional information.

• Produced Water Cleanup

• Frac Water

• Oil Spill

• Oil Exploration and Production

• Oil Sands Produced Water

• Offshore and Onshore Facilities

• Crude Oil Cleanup

• Food Processing

• Mining

• Municipal Wastewater

• Manufacturing

• Produced Water and Sand Turnkey Skid

• Refineries

• Salt Walter Disposal

• Stormwater Separation

• Uranium

• Waste-to-Energy