New Technology Development of the Year, Rocky Mountain 2019

Awarded to: Rig CallOut

Judges Comments

“RigCall Out have developed a winning bit of technology here, with so much of the oilfield relying so heavily on logistics, by utilizing modern internet technology,everyone from the trucking companies, end customers are sure to know the exact whereabouts of deliveries saving wasted expense associated with equipment hold over times, crew being redundant and general efficiencies overall. Smart stuff.”

Corporate Overview

Rig CallOut is a first-of-its-kind Internet of Supply Chain technology connecting the entire oil and gas supply chain – from suppliers, trucking companies and drivers, to Upstream & Midstream companies. The platform brings unrivaled visibility and accountability to the oilfield, eliminating the time and expense associated with late trucks, false data and budget consuming, non-productive time.

Using intuitive technology and a simple- to-operate cloud-based application, Rig CallOut unites everyone under one system, from project inception through delivery completion. All parties get the visibility to see what’s happening with a shipment, and collaborate, eliminating false data and preserving profits. Individuals can view, edit
and share details like digital load paperwork, real-time tracking, time stamps of pick-ups and stops, real-time ETAs and more – regardless of who is supplying, shipping, or receiving. The moment a shipment slows everyone knows why, allowing time to adjust and redeploy resources.

Rig CallOut is game-changing for anyone who needs to ship or receive anything in the oilfield. Economically speaking, users can save tens of thousands of dollars per shipment depending on the situation. Rig CallOut saves expenses associated with equipment hold-over, specialty crew standby time, detention time, back haul loss, future sales loss, future rig downtime, commodity loss and more.