E&P Company of the Year, Rocky Mountain 2019

Awarded to: Extracton Oil & Gas

Judges Comments

“Overall commitment to CSR by Extraction is exemplary, from use of “Quiet Fleets” which are 60% quieter for the local community, adoption of pipelines and tankless facilities, the engineering of facilities that are so air tight there is no need to CDPHE Air Permits the list goes on and on. $3m donated to 65 different community projects is award worth in my opinion!”

“Heavy investment and commitment to making waves when it comes to improving the air quality, with their new multi well pad system being so air tight they have fewer emissions than local bakeries or manufacturing businesses. That’s ground breaking!”

Corporate Overview

Extraction Oil & Gas, Inc. is a domestic energy company based in Denver, Colorado, focused on the exploration and production of oil and natural gas reserves in the
Greater Denver Basin. Extraction’s value- creation strategy is to responsibly grow production and reserves through organic drilling, acquisitions and partnerships with other leading operators. The company has a leading technical team with decades of combined experience in horizontal drilling and completion operations and is committed to safe and responsible operations driven
by its innovative use of best management practices and advanced technologies.

Extraction takes pride in choosing to go above and beyond state and federal regulations to uphold its social license to operate. The company repeatedly raises the bar on its own safety, environmental and operational approach, implementing best management practices new methods to help the industry and the community co-exist. To remain competitive in an ever- changing industry, Extraction pushes the boundaries of what is historically considered “industry standard.” The company’s focus on innovative solutions to common industry problems has allowed it to sustain and rapidly grow its operations during a turbulent time in the energy industry.