Engineering Company of the Year, Rocky Mountain 2019

Awarded to: Samuel Engineering

Judges Comments

“Quite possibly one of the most impressive submissions I’ve reviewed in my time as an Oil & Gas Awards judge. Comprehensive display of skills for the oil and gas industry, with case study after case study of delivering quality projects, saving millions of dollars for many of their clients with real innovation at the heart of what they do. I think their CEO sums up their whole ethos, ‘we are continually committed to project excellence, company culture, industry advocacy, safety and corporate responsibility’, Samuel Engineering are a real market leader in my opinion.”

Corporate Overview

Samuel Engineering, Inc. (SE) is a full service, multi-discipline, project development and execution company.

Our Mission: Listen to our Clients and Provide Superior Solutions to their challenges.

Our Team: Experienced people with complimentary skills who are committed to our mission. Many of our key personnel have continuously worked together on projects for the past 25 years.

Your Challenge: Be it technical, budget or schedule, we will first seek to understand, next we adapt the “SWAT Team” approach – get in, do it once – do it right.

Our Solution: Creative, of high quality, cost effective and pertinent.