Composite Fluid Transfer LLC

Silver Sponsor - Southwest, West Coast, Midcontinent - 2013

Composite Fluid Transfer (CFT) was established to pursue a solution for the industries related to fluid transfer via piping systems.

Our goal is to penetrate existing markets with a superior alternative to both the leak free fluid transfer systems and the conventional, temporary fresh water transfer systems.

The initial goal of CFT was to create the largest inside diameter pipe with a working pressure rating of 250 psi while being light enough that a single 30’ joint could easily be carried by two people.

The result, Fiberflex-11. FiberFlex-11 is a cost-effective, lightweight pressure pipe produced in 30 ft. joints. Existing aluminum water transfer equipment can be used to transport FiberFlex-11 without the additional expense of extra trailers, tuggers and spooling equipment. The quick connect feature provides faster installations, eliminates leaks and saves you money.

Composite Fluid Transfer LLC