American Oil & Gas Reporter

The American Oil & Gas Reporter

The “Better Business” publication of the exploration, drilling, and production industry, The American Oil & Gas Reporter is an independent industrial trade publication that also serves as the Official Publication for 28 associations of independent oil and gas producers and operators.

Readers Kept in the Know

Oil and gas is a fast-paced business that literally moves at real-time speed, compressing decision-making cycle times and making information the most valuable commodity in any company’s portfolio. AOGR serves as the Official Publication for 28 state and regional associations of independent producers and operators. As such, AOGR is uniquely positioned to deliver the latest news and analysis of the federal, state and local legislative and regulatory matters that shape the economics of all upstream operations. Each issue provides valuable insight into the business of oil and gas, with news from association executives and committees, views from Wall Street analysts, and field success stories from industry peers keeping readers in the know.

With Technology To Succeed

Technology continues to open new horizons and plays across North America, starting with geophysics and continuing through the entire exploration, drilling and production cycle on into novel enhanced recovery techniques. Recognizing that technology is fundamental to success, AOGR editors coordinate input from guest authors who bring industry-leading technical expertise to every issue. Organized by monthly technical themes, feature articles translate the science of upstream technology into practical knowledge that readers can apply in their daily work flows. From chief executives to operations managers and field technicians, AOGR delivers the business, financial and technical information readers need to succeed.

American Oil & Gas Reporter