COGA - Colorado Oil & Gas Association

Founded in 1984, the Colorado Oil & Gas Association’s (COGA) mission is to foster and promote the beneficial, efficient, responsible and environmentally sound development, production and use of Colorado oil and natural gas.

COGA is a nationally recognized trade association that aggressively promotes the expansion of Rocky Mountain natural gas markets, supply, and transportation infrastructure through its growing and diverse membership.

In 2014, COGA is emphasizing:
A positive, proactive voice for the oil and gas industry in Colorado
Public outreach to all stakeholders regarding the positive impacts of the industry
The provision of industry education and networking, while increasing grassroots industry participation in political and regulatory developments and community engagement


There’s something for everyone to love in natural gas:
Excellence Colorado recently passed a 30% renewable portfolio standard (RPS). The resulting increase in renewable energy development requires natural gas generation to provide reliability and affordability.
Emissions Clean burning natural gas can reduce pollutants by increasing natural gas fired generation and converting of transportation fleets to compressed natural gas vehicles (CNGV).
Environmental Stewardship Recent technology advances have allowed our industry to recover 10 times the natural gas with one tenth of the footprint.
Economy Our industry creates and supports jobs: The oil and gas industry comprises 6% of Colorado’s labor force and 7% of its economy. A Strong Colorado requires a stable recovery of our industry

COGA is an excellent source for reliable information on oil and gas development in Colorado.

COGA is known for advocating proactively:
Media relations
Public outreach via grassroots campaign
Key legislation targeted to increase the uses of natural gas and incentives for natural gas
Elected officials and stakeholder relations

COGA is effective in the legislative process avoiding the passage of proposed rules and regulations that may be harmful to the industry and its stakeholders.

COGA is non-partisan emphasizing educating elected officials and candidates in the benefits of natural gas and the contributions of the oil and gas industry to Colorado.