General Industry Service Award, West Coast 2014

Awarded to: Tachyus

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“Tachyus has provided a new technology to steamflooding that could revolutionize the way that production data is gathered, analyzed, and acted upon. Now they are also trying to implement this same technology in Waterfloods as well. They are to be commended for their ingenuity and bold leadership in this area.”

“Tachyus is an excellent example of utilizing advanced technology to optimize client’s operations.  As is stated in the presentation, their platform increases production and operator revenue, while decreasing operation costs (all of which are driving parameters for successful O&G operations).”

Tachyus – Corporate Overview

Tachyus creates technology to optimize energy production for the oil and gas industry. Our team has deep software engineering, hardware design and data science experience from building OpenGov, Tesla’s battery safety system, the world’s most advanced neutrino detector, and Visual Studio.

Producers in California and Texas with hundreds of wells and thousands of barrels of daily production are working with us to: deploy sensors and iPad applications that automate data collection, configure real-time alerts and flexible reporting, leverage state of the art machine learning and fundamental physical models of pumps that predict and minimize downtime, perform cost-benefit workover analysis, and study the economic impact of stimulation and completion techniques.

Partners leverage the Tachyus platform to significantly increase production and decrease operating costs associated with cyclic steaming, steam-flooding, and water-flooding.

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