Construction Company of the Year, West Coast 2013

Awarded to: The Source Group, Inc.

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“SGI is doing a great service by rebuilding abandoned properties and it rejuvenates future opportunities economically.”

“One of the biggest problems in the oil industry, not only in California but throughout the country is a lack of proper oil field site restoration. Too many companies leave an area without proper field remediation creating a dangerous and environmentally poor situation. The Source Group handles this situation with clarity and professionalism.”

The Source Group, Inc. – Corporate Overview

The Source Group, Inc. (SGI) is pleased to highlight our Oil Field Restoration Services (OFRS) at this year’s Oil & Gas Awards.  SGI has been supporting California’s oil and gas industry since the company’s inception, and we understand the importance of this industry to the California economy. Our goal is to deliver the technical skills and experience that will help our producer clients succeed.

Our Expertise:

  • Regulatory Management
  • Permitting and Compliance Management
  • Environmental Management and Assessment
  • Environmental Construction & Facilities Upgrades
  • Surface Abandonment & Closure
  • Facilities Decommissioning, Demolition & Removal
  • Fast-track Subsurface Site Assessment & Restoration
  • Expert Litigation Support
  • Fixed-Price Site Restoration and Closure Programs

The Benefits We Deliver:

  • Enhanced Financial Planning –  SGI’s ability to offer fixed-price site restoration brings predictability to a typically unstable, risky cost.
  • Exceptional Regulatory Relationships  –  SGI’s long-term, successful regulatory relationships result in smooth agency management and negotiations.     
  • Start-to-Finish Project Accountability  –  From project start to finish, we optimize your resources and communications.  We allow you to focus on your core business of producing.
  • Improved Balance Sheet –  Cost-effective site restoration transforms your unproductive properties into valuable assets, greatly increasing financial options for the properties.

We look forward to seeing you at the Oil & Gas Awards event, learning more about your operations, sharing ideas and helping support your success now and in the future.