Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship, Gulf Coast 2018

Awarded to: Evergreen Chemical Solutions

Judges Comments

“The before and after photos in both case studies show a remarkable transformation in a short space of time. I’m glad these were included as I don’t know if I would have believed such results if they were only in writing!”

“A fantastic example of remediation done right!”

Corporate Overview

Evergreen Chemical Solutions was founded to provide chemicals to the oil and gas industry that will not harm the environment or the labor applying the products. Our products have the unique ability to break down hydrocarbons into a food source for indigenous microbes, which allows us to effectively clean oil off vegetation, trees, soil and hard surfaces. We supply our products to operators and service companies so that they can provide safer work conditions, cut down on liability and significantly reduce harm to the environment. Since 2013, Evergreen has partnered with a company to remediate 300+ oil base mud reserve pits in South and West Texas, as well as Africa. Providing this service gives a more environmentally friendly option to deep burying or hauling waste and liability from one place to another. We cut down on waste volume and the number of trucks on the road by remediating hydrocarbon spills around a drilling location, tank battery, pipeline or anywhere else a spill may occur, versus scrape and haul. Over the past nine years we have also helped operating rigs switch from using diesel and harmful chemicals to our non-haz, water-based chemistry for general cleaning, line flush and spills.