VZ Environmental Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship, Texas 2016

Awarded to: Sand X

Judges Comments

“With ever increasing amounts of sand being used this technology is instrumental in separating sand from water, oil & chemicals on all sands. The client list provided is a testament to the efficiency of the Sand X process.”

“The Superloop system in combination with the Sand X not only removes dangerous gasses but also separates sand from other hazardous chemicals and hydrocarbons. This not only makes this product environmentally sound but also mitigates risks for those companies that implement it.”

Sand X – Corporate Overview

The Sand X, Super Loop and Sand L process is a solution for green completions which provides a much safer workplace for crew members, helps companies remain in compliance and at the same time saves money!

Sand X is a stand-alone solution that uses eco-friendly technology to clean the sand; rendering it non-hazardous and safe for any reuse application. This proprietary process separates oil as it cleans and recycles flow-back water to be stored and reused, reducing water costs and safety risks in the drill out and flow back.

Super Loop closes the loop on hazardous gases, reducing 99.8% of emissions by sending emissions to a flare or containment system which eliminates on-site disasters.

Companies using radioactive tracers utilize the Sand X and Super Loop combo to retrieve radioactive materials and contain them separately for safe disposal and in some cases, reuse.

The Sand L works in conjunction with the Sand X to help distribute and level sand off in the roll off box. The sand flows from the Sand X into the Sand L and the Sand L dispenses the sand evenly while safely eliminating confined space hazards.