New Technology Development of the Year - General/Products, Southwest 2014

Awarded to: Energy Recovery, Inc.

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“Showed how they were able to capture energy from high pressure fluids and transfer it to power applications, creating reusable energy from what was formerly waste energy.  Good environmental benefits as well as cost savings from the energy recovery.”

“Energy savings by being creative and cutting edge deserves the award.”

Energy Recovery, Inc. – Corporate Overview

Energy Recovery (NASDAQ: ERII) develops award-winning, industry-leading energy recovery solutions that offer innovative approaches to global industrial challenges and the planet. Our solutions transform industrial fluid flows and pressure cycles into reusable energy, using advanced technologies that adapt to the oil & gas, chemical water, and water industries; making it possible to harness energy from almost any high-pressure fluid process.  Through collaboration with industry, Energy Recovery is committed to innovation to make industrial processes more efficient, profitable and environmentally cleaner.  With over 15,000 energy recovery solutions installed worldwide, Energy Recovery sets the standard for engineering excellence, cost savings, and technical services to clients across the globe.  Year after year, the company’s clean technologies continue to save clients over $1.4 Billion (USD).   Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Energy Recovery has offices in Madrid, Shanghai, and Dubai.

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