Award for Excellence in Health & Safety - Operational, Southwest 2014

Awarded to: FTS

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“The innovation of the Remote Actuated Manifold (RAM) is an example of solving an industry risk. Without the RAM, the iron boss (worker) goes in to shut the valve to isolate the pump.  He / she would be exposed to high pressure, trip hazards, etc., with this new innovation, this would eliminate the need of the worker from entering this high pressure area to shut off and isolate the pump, thus significantly reducing the risk of injury.”

“FTS has a robust safety system and aggressive training, as do most of the applicants.  What makes them the winner in my view is the attention paid to innovation that removes the workers from the highest risk areas.  The Remote Actuated Manifold and testing of a Remote Activated Valve are important safety innovations that will produce a safer work site, changing the whole dimension of risk from high-pressure operations.”

FTS International – Corporate Overview

FTS International ( is one of the largest well completion service companies in North America, with 1.6 million hydraulic horsepower deployed in major U.S. shale basins. Exploration and production companies leverage FTSI’s expertise and pressure pumping, wireline and reservoir optimization technologies to enhance recovery rates from oil and gas wells, primarily in unconventional plays.

FTSI is focused on helping customers improve hydrocarbon recovery in the most effective, economical and environmentally conscious manner by customizing well-specific solutions. The FTSI Corporate Technology Center is the epicenter of the company’s research and development (R&D) activities, where FTSI’s team of experienced scientists and engineers work to provide solutions for the complex puzzles found in diverse shale plays.

Safety is one of FTSI’s core values. Engineering and manufacturing teams are continuously exploring ways to improve safety. One recent innovation is the Remote Actuated Manifold (RAM), which improves safety and control by remotely isolating high pressure pumps. FTSI is very proud of the safety record it has achieved and boasts one of the leading safety records in the well completion industry, currently notably below the industry average of 1.0.

FTSI is a partner in the communities where its employees live and work — charitable giving and community volunteerism are part of the corporate culture.

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