Environmental Initiative of the Year, Southwest 2013

Awarded to: Select Energy Services

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“Select’s solutions to the reuse of frac water is not only economic but has a significant impact on water usage across the state. The fact that Select is focusing on the needs of the industry and putting the unfounded environmental issues on the back burner is more valuable to the industry than the industry reaction to yet another EPA unfounded and unfunded regulation on the industry.”

“The solution of re-use of the water is environmentally sound and is a great benefit to the entire industry. Obviously the treatment of fluids can and will spill over into other industries other than oil and gas. Everybody wins. The conservation of water in the State of Texas is paramount at the present and any procedure that curtails the further use of water and at the same time recycles a normally disposed of byproduct of a fracturing treatment is a big savings on all fronts that ultimately have to handle the water.”

Select Energy Services – Corporate Overview

Select Energy Services strives to change the oil and gas industry’s approach to water management. By providing strategic water management solutions from sourcing to disposal, Select delivers innovative, efficient end-to-end solutions to energy producers through its two business segments WaterOne™ and WellOne™ and its multi-service integrated water solutions package, Fluidity™.

Always mindful of the environment, we effectively and safely source, transport, test, treat, and dispose of water and fluids from well sites within every major North American shale play. Houston-headquartered with nearly 5,000 employees and $1 billion in revenues, Select is the premier provider of water solutions that help unlock the vital energy resources of our country.

At Select Energy Services, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner to energy producers. Through our conventional and unconventional approach to providing water solutions, we provide customers a convenient, single source to keep their operations flowing efficiently. Our customers value the hard work; proven experience, unconventional solutions and safe service we deliver to every project.