Consultancy of the Year, Southwest 2013

Awarded to: P2 Energy Solutions

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“P2 Energy solutions being one of the largest consulting companies in the world, deserves to win with their perseverance. They helped a Dallas-based company go from 105 operated wells to 1,127 operated wells and 867 non-operated wells.”

“P2 illustrates a strong history of service and commitment to clients since its beginnings. It has transformed itself to accommodate clients and stay ahead of their needs. It shares commitment to its employees by providing an innovative Company culture. The results it can reach with clients is solidly outlined in the FWB case presented.”

P2 Energy Solutions – Corporate Overview

Eighty-five years ago, P2 Energy Solutions’ roots took hold. The year was 1928. The man with an idea was 32-year-old Edgar Tobin. Using the best technology available to him at the time – an American Eagle bi-wing airplane and a Kargl K-54 camera – this World War I flying ace set out to influence an industry. Tobin’s plan: to use aerial photography to construct and supply maps of oilfields so oil and gas companies could make better business decisions. And his plan worked.

Nearly a century later, P2’s philosophy hasn’t budged. We still strive each and every day to be the best provider of the best, most modern solutions for upstream operators. Of course, P2 has come a long way in 85 years. Today, we are the world’s largest provider of software and data solutions exclusively serving the upstream oil and gas industry. Our mapping solutions still bear Tobin’s name, but P2 in 2013 offers a lot more than just digital and hard-copy maps. Our product portfolio includes a solution for every stage of the upstream lifecycle. From analyzing leasable land to decommissioning a well and everything in between, our technology helps producers do it all as fast, safe and efficient as humanly possible.