VZ Environmental Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship, Rocky Mountain 2015

Awarded to: LT Environmental

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“LT has positively impacted the environment through their products and services offered and utilized extensively in the oil and gas industry.”

“Provided multiple examples of innovative renewable energy designs for clients that spanned across a variety of types of projects; methane gathering from seeps for fuel, wind turbines, solar power, water management, etc. (innovative and unique uses for different clients).”

LT Environmental – Corporate Overview

LT Environmental, Inc. (LTE) is a full service, national environmental engineering consultancy headquartered in Arvada, Colorado. Established in 1992, LTE employs 125 employees in 9 offices located in Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Utah, Idaho, and Florida. A client-centered philosophy dedicating experienced client managers to each project allows LTE to achieve high performance in the areas of responsiveness, quality, and cost efficiency. Our multi-disciplinary approach to technical innovation provides superior solutions that fit our clients’ specific challenges involving remediation, assessment, regulatory compliance, and safety.

LTE’s culture is rooted in 9 corporate values, including working safely, caring for the client, and protecting the environment. In 2014, LTE achieved a triumphant milestone surpassing 1,000 days without a reportable incident. The hard work and innovation of our staff culminated in client savings of more than $5M over the past 12 months across a variety of business sectors, especially the Oil & Gas Industry. Our fleet of CNG trucks has not only supported our clients’ business, but has proven to reduce fueling costs as well as being a benefit to the environment. A Win, Win, Win! Our mission is to safely complete high quality, cost- effective services through long-lasting business relationships. We complete the project – No Excuses!