The Preferred Technology Award for Excellence in Well Completion, Rocky Mountain 2013

Awarded to: NCS Energy Services, LLC

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“Implemented innovative tool that has increased efficiency and reduced costs and environmental impact during the completion process.”

“Completed 3,664 wells with their system means their product is very efficient and proven. NCS Energy represents a unique system that enables high efficiency and cost effectiveness. The system is a multistage. Uses a grip/shift sliding sleeves that allows no restrictions to exist in the wellbore eliminating the need for mill out operations.”

NCS Energy Services, LLC – Corporate Overview

NCS Energy Services, LLC., is an independent technology and services company specializing in multistage completions. In 2007, NCS introduced a new multistage frac service, the Mongoose Frac® System, which combined sand-jet perforating with a proprietary resettable frac-isolation tool to eliminate the need for pumpdown plugs and ball-drop sliding sleeves. The system also enabled operators to design completions with no practical limits on the number and placement of stages. NCS introduced this system to the U.S. market in late 2009.

In 2010, NCS developed a new sliding sleeve (the Grip/Shift sliding sleeve) that works in conjunction with the frac- isolation assembly to further streamline multistage completions by eliminating the need for perforating. This new system and the sand-jet perforating system are both marketed under the Multistage Unlimited brand.

NCS is a global provider and has operated throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and the Far East, with a history of more than 22,000 sleeves and over 50,000 frac stages completed. Our senior management has more than 150 years of domestic and international operations, sales, engineering, and marketing experience with major service companies and oil and gas operators.

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