General Industry Service Award, Northeast 2019

Awarded to: Well Master

Corporate Bio

Well Master Corporation (“Well Master”), based in Golden, CO and founded as a Colorado Company in 1984, designs, manufactures and globally distributes the most innovative, premium artificial lift systems for the oil & gas industry. Well Master focuses on optimizing oil & gas production by minimizing total cost of ownership and maximizing return on investment for customers using Well Master products and services.
Judges Quotes

“Well Master are an established and well recognized market participant with impressive growth with CAGR of over 50% over the last seven years, even during one of the worst downturns in history. They must be doing good things for their clients to achieve these results.”

“Well Master’s NOE client list is the ‘who’s who’ of Marcellus producers that are benefiting from production improvements and cost reduction due to plunger durability, effectiveness and application expertise.”