Award for Excellence in Health & Safety, Northeast 2019

Awarded to: TekSolv

Corporate Bio

TekSolv is an award-winning provider of professional service solutions for industrial markets. We focus on safety and training services, rescue services, system integrations and oilfield automation services, engineering consulting and environmental and occupational health services, safety retail sales, safety equipment sales, and service. TekSolv designs, manufactures and supports gas-detection safety systems for drilling, fracking, drill out/flowback, and production operations for shale gas exploration companies throughout the United States. TekNet is a connected intelligent gas detection safety sensor system that protects people, product, and the environment. This gas detection technology provides crucial data to help mitigate risks, minimize management costs, and enhance long-term operational efficiency. TekNet allows for complete systems monitoring of fugitive gas emissions through multiple sensor technologies and also allows for the monitoring of internal systems health through a single software platform. TekNet is setting the standard for continuous real-time monitoring of fugitive gas emissions.

Judges Quotes

“The TekNet system provides fully continuous real time gas detection for all major fugitive gases for the whole spectrum of the industry, ensuring well pad workforces are protected against deadly incidents. It also provides flare monitoring.”

“Great case examples of how they worked with Pason to integrate TekNet into their suite of products for a global set of clients. This technology is going to save lives, we all know the inherent dangers of fugitive gas on the well pad and this is a very smart solution.”