Award for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility, Northeast 2019

Awarded to: The Great Lakes Construction Co.

Corporate Bio

The Great Lakes Construction Co. is one of Cleveland’s premier civil construction companies, with more than $120 million in sales. The construction company was founded in 1948 by Frank Converse Jr., a graduate in civil engineering from Case Institute of Technology who managed the technical side of the business, and Art Cushing, an operating engineer/crane operator with a broad base of experience in construction. Two other key players in the early years were John Marano, lead estimator, and Carroll Nelson, head of operations.

Judges Quotes

“Safety is stamped all over the Great Lakes Construction Co’s work ethos. The program of safety they have embedded in the company is outstanding, from daily JSA with each crew before work begins, staff training, sub contractor orientations programs, company wide safety days, working with the local state university to develop online training programs to continuous improvement programs….. the list goes on and on….”

“Sustainability and CSR are ingrained in the way Great Lakes go about their business. Similar to their H&S, there are countless initiatives that they are involved in to help people in their local communities, as well as having a huge interest in large scale recycling in all the projects they are working on. It’s a very impressive submission.”