New Technology Development of the Year, Northeast 2018

Awarded to: EnerCorp Sand Solutions

Judges Comments

“Proven examples of the EnerCorp Sand Management technology increasing well production by 100% after installation while also eliminating 99% of sand from production facilities makes this a real solution to a problem that has existed in the industry for some time.”

“One of the key benefits that I can see from the EnerCorp system is the significant decrease in risk for long-term erosion and eventual failure of equipment downstream from the wellhead.”

Corporate Overview

EnerCorp Sand Solutions is the leading provider of production sand filtration solutions in the energy industry. Providing complete solutions from flowback and into full production, EnerCorp is positioned to provide customers with custom engineering, on-site sand management and servicing, as well as rental or purchase equipment options.

EnerCorp Sand filtration solutions encompass technological improvements to traditional sand separators as well as our patented, innovative Sand Filter System. Through the use of customizable hydro-cyclonic inserts for the sand separators, EnerCorp is able to achieve a much more efficient sand knock-out than traditional separators, or even single-phase cyclone designs. For larger proppants and lower solid returns, these dual cyclone systems may be the only solution necessary.

However, for finer sands and higher solids return, the EnerCorp Sand Filter is the most effective solution. Available in a variety of sizes and pressure ratings, these filter systems achieve up to 99% solids removal without restricting well flow. Field tested and customer proven, the EnerCorp Sand Filter has eliminated wash-outs in production equipment due to sand/solids erosion, enabled more aggressive choke schedules to be introduced without fear of erosion damage to production facilities and eliminated the need to shut down operations for clean-out of solids build-up. New Technology Development of the Year Proven examples