Engineering Company of the Year, Northeast 2018

Awarded to: Pickering Associates

Judges Comments

“With several case studies and letters of recommendations submitted by recent clients, Pickering Associates have clearly highlighted their importance to the Oil & Gas sector. With more than 200 projects completed in the past 9 years, their team is built for success.”

“I was impressed to read about Pickering Associates environmental mitigation. Working with an in-house Environmental Scientist, they ensure the well pads they develop have the least environmental impact, outlining the boundaries of streams and wetlands within the well pad and access road areas, as well as avoiding impacting the habitat of any threatened or endangered species.”

Corporate Overview

Founded in 1988, Pickering Associates has been providing architectural, engineering and surveying services to the Mid-Ohio Valley and surrounding areas for 30 years. Our company is the product of three generations and more than 75 years of construction and design experience. This experience, plus state-of-the-art engineering practices and technology, create a full-service, multidiscipline firm serving a wide range of needs and featuring innovative, customized solutions.

Pickering Associates has completed over 200 projects within the oil and gas industry within the past nine years and has a broad spectrum of experience with multiple drilling companies developing sites throughout Ohio and West Virginia. From initial site selection, site access, impoundments and equipment location to pipe routing, sediment and erosion control methods and environmental permitting assistance, our multidiscipline engineering team can provide support throughout every phase of the drilling site development process. Our team of engineers has also worked with many midstream companies to design compressor stations, production facilities, pipelines, LPG storage facilities and many more.

In addition, Pickering Associates has a highly experienced team that can provide topographical surveying, boundary surveying and geotechnical investigations. Any additional or necessary structural, electrical, or mechanical engineering services are easily managed through the support of our in-house engineering team.