Consultancy of the Year, Northeast 2018

Awarded to: ICF

Judges Comments

“The entry offers up a number of examples of the projects that ICF has assisted on in region. It is clear why they are seen as a go-to for analysis and forecasting within the Oil & Gas industry.”

“With three of ICF’s proprietary models having been recognized as industry standards, it is not hard to understand why the Oil & Gas industry trusts ICF when it comes to forecasting.”

Corporate Overview

With over 40 years in the energy sector, ICF maintains the largest, longest-serving collection of energy and climate specialists of any comparable consultancy. We are continually innovating with clients to explore new methods and approaches to solve challenges facing the entire spectrum of the energy industry, from energy providers and utilities to independent power producers, environmental groups, governments, multinational corporations, trade associations and financial institutions.

ICF is recognized for our North American power and gas market analysis, modeling and projections and our extensive experience connecting market trends with gas market forecasts, gas supply procurement, fuel price risk management and regulatory support for utility decisions.

ICF’s power and gas experts integrate with other energy team members in distributed energy, environmental compliance, independent engineering and demand-side management to provide clients with a comprehensive perspective. Their insights are backed by data from our proprietary and other third-party models that examine every aspect of the power and fuel sectors. Three of these proprietary models—Gas Market Model®, Integrated Planning Model® and Regional Infrastructure Assessment Modeling System—are now recognized as industry standards.

Collectively, our industry experience, expertise and technological know-how makes ICF the ‘goto’ firm for helping companies anticipate what is over the horizon.