Award for Excellence in Health & Safety, Northeast 2018

Awarded to: Deep Well Services

Judges Comments

“As one of only 88 service companies to achieve API Specification Q2 certification, and the only snubbing organization to do so, it is clear that Deep Well Services is going above and beyond in its efforts to assure safety. To be named in the same ranks as the likes of Halliburton and Schlumberger is a huge achievement.”

“The role played by Deep Well Services in the record breaking Outlaw C11H liquid rich natural gas well, drilled by Eclipse Resources, including a 122 stage drill out in June 2017 demonstrates the DWS approach to offering an unparalleled group of specialized oilfield workers that can move their project forward no matter the obstacles.”

Corporate Overview

Deep Well Services’ (DWS) advanced technology and state-of-the-art snubbing and service rig fleet enabled the company to achieve great successes in 2017 and validates why it is the most respected snubbing and workover company in the Northeast.

• worked 490,000 hours for 32 customers with non-productive time (NPT) as a % of revenue – 0.74% (2016 – 1.51%)
• averaged 29 hours of NPT for every 5,000 hours each individual rig worked (2016 – 41.74)
• first snubbing company in the entire U.S. to achieve APIQ2 certification
• completed 575 wells in the Appalachian basin – 229 Utica and 346 Marcellus wells, including the two longest laterals in U.S. on shore history (2016 – 371 wells)
• total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) – 1.25 (2016 – 2.24)
• Days Away, Restriction, or Transfer (DART) – 0.41 (2016 – 1.49)
• 7500+ H.I.T. (Hazard Identification & Trending) cards completed
• implemented a position-based competency training program to ensure consistency and verification of learning for every field staff member of the team
• trended 490 wells using a KPI (key performance indicator) system allowing a better understanding of the performance on site. This data is shared quarterly with customers and is used as a learning tool to to develop additional pad efficiencies and safety