Lifetime Achievement Award, Northeast 2017

Awarded to: Lou D'Amico

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Lou D’Amico – Lifetime Achievement Award

Lou D’Amico committed his entire career to the oil and gas industry, earning the respect of his peers in this industry as well as among other business stakeholders and government leaders. Over a career spanning 44 years, Lou D’Amico quite literally did it all, from working in the field to accepting invitations to speak overseas as an expert on Pennsylvania’s shale-gas revolution.

After graduating in 1972 with a degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from Penn State University, Lou joined the Peoples Natural Gas Company as a drilling and production engineer. In 1978 he was recruited by Wainoco Oil and Gas Company to develop and manage operations in Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan and West Virginia. He joined Industrial Energy Service Company in 1991 after the sale of Wainoco’s properties. At IESCO, Lou evaluated producing properties for acquisition and worked in marketing natural gas services to end-users. Along the way, he found the time to earn an MBA from Gannon University. In a recent article in the Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Association’s monthly newsletter, Lou reflected that he spent the first half of his career answering those middle-of-the- night phone calls to deal with issues at drilling operations. He built drilling locations, planned pipeline routes, worked with surface owners, calculated reserves and performed cash flow analyses of wells. Along with the good times, he went through times much like we have faced today and the hard decisions that go with them – price collapses and lack of market that couldn’t justify drilling hew wells, telling hard-working employees that the company couldn’t afford to keep them. All in all, however, he related that he found an industry overwhelmingly made up of great people. Lou shifted gears dramatically in the second half of his career. He was one of the founding board members of the Pennsylvania Natural Gas Associates, which became the Independent Oil & Gas Association of Pennsylvania and ended up hiring him as its President and Executive Director. In April 2010, IOGA-PA merged with the Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Association to create today’s Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association, or 24 PIOGA. Lou was also the founding co-director of the association’s Marcellus Shale Committee, which became the standalone Marcellus Shale Coalition. As an association manager, Lou developed a whole new skill set working for an organization representing the Commonwealth’s upstream oil and gas industry. As the industry evolved over the past two decades and then rapidly and radically changed with the advent of the unconventional gas revolution – of which Pennsylvania has been ground zero – Lou’s leadership helped point PIOGA in a new direction. Not only did the association embrace the unconventional industry, but PIOGA also refused to leave behind our traditional producers who have met the state’s energy needs for more than 150 years. Under Lou, PIOGA expanded its mission to focus on expanding existing markets for our prodigious natural gas supplies and developing new markets.